I have wanted to teach in some respect for as long as I can remember, and I have wanted to continue my learning for just as long. Through my personal educational development, teaching experience, conference presentations, research studies, facilitation of professional development, integration of technology, and fostering current curriculum and instruction implementation, among my professional memberships in CUE, ISTE, and AERA, board member of SVCUE, and invited CUE Rock Star Teacher, in addition to peer reviewing for journals and conferences, it is a genuine privilege to be part of a community who, too, seeks to embark for progress in the field of education.

In addition to being wife and mom, I also teach part-time at an all-female private high school in the Bay Area. I’ve been quite lucky after moving from the Chicago/UIUC area to San Francisco because I have been able to pursue my professional career in education by earning my doctorate in Learning & Instruction from the University of San Francisco in addition to becoming and being a mom – having my cake and eating it, too.

My husband is my supportive foundation – he truly believes in me. I know that when we discuss and debate, it may look like we’re arguing when in fact, it’s just showing our passion about our given interests. He challenges me intellectually, and makes me feel like I should approach anything as though I have nothing to lose because he will be there regardless.

My kids are exhausting. They play. They run. They eat. And then they want to eat again. And play some more. My daughter is in her transfer phase – give her two cups and a third with a bit of water and she is totally entertained pouring from one to another for 30 minutes, or until all the water somehow mysteriously ends up on the towel. If my son is not on MY iPad, then he’s building dinosaurs, Star Wars, or Spiderman (or any superhero to that matter) out of legos. Oh, and over Christmas the kids received MangaTiles – amazing magnet tiles to build with and design really cool structures. That’s been pretty cool.

My research interests piqued during my doctoral work. Designing instruction to incorporate the primary theory of Mayer’s cognitive theory of multimedia learning took the students’ best interest into consideration. As I was developing my instrumentation, I grew to strongly appreciative of Moreno’s cognitive affective theory of learning with multimedia because students’ behaviors and emotions are considered when learning with instruction using some form of multimedia.

Now that I am back in the classroom where I can truly apply all that I have learned back then and all that I have learned since then, Moreno’s approach to students’ intrinsic emotions such as confidence and even motivation when learning with multimedia has come more to the forefront because of the learning environment that I am part of. Moreover, if students are motivated when using technology during the learning process, then they are more engaged in the learning process. Furthermore, they become more self-regulated in the autonomy of their learning process. Thank you to the various scholars who provide theoretical support (Schunk, Reeve, Ryan, and Deci) for the practical aspect of instruction.

I am addicted to using tech-based formats for my instruction and assessment processes, but that’s not to say that all things should be done tech. Sometimes white paper and markers work wonders to get authentic and organic responses. But I do have to say that I feel more prepared and less stressed with tech – Edmodo, BetterLesson, GoogleForms, Remind101, WordSift, Socrative. All super. More about these in other posts.

Professionally, I don’t want to grow stale. And I don’t want to depend on one teaching strategy and call it the end all-be all. Pedagogy is the art of teaching (and the science and profession of as well). Teaching is an art. Each teacher has his/her strength and that strength should be played to. Tech should not change the strengths, but enhance them. Building a solid community of educators who also believe in enhancing and advancing learning is critical. Having a support team is necessary. A team that is willing to brainstorm ideas. No stalemate here if the network is established.

This is my life, my career, my profession. In the briefest of nutshells.


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