Breathe Again

No. This isn’t about Toni Braxton’s song. But it’s true that I feel like I can breathe again.

Life sure has its funny ways of twists and turns, and these past few months have been nothing short of those funnies.

And as we know, when starting something new, your head spins, you’re pulled in 100s of directions, simultaneously, your priorities change, and you feel like you’re barely treading water. But through all that, there’s a level of exhilaration that keeps your inspired and motivated.

And yet, only after 5 weeks do I feel like my feet have started to touch the ground and that I am finally making sense of my new path.

So what is this new path that I’ve chosen? I may have left the classroom, but I have not left teaching. Developing and providing professional development for faculty, staff, and admins is my new classroom.



In addition to providing professional development, I’m closely working with the ELA department in aligning curriculum and standards with purposeful and relevant technologies for instructional and learning purposes. The level of collaboration across departments is intense, in a positive way. It’s a clear reminder how critical clear communication is with clear visions and objectives.

The pace of the progress is slow, but the potential level of progress to be made is immense. Slow and steady wins the race.


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