There’s loads of advice on how to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus or workplace and even what to do once the policy is in place.

JP Prezzavento (@jpprezz) published a great piece on 3 B’s of Bring Your Own Device. You can find this and other great pieces of information on his Blog – J.P. Prezzavento – The Bits and Bytes of Education: My thoughts on teaching and technology.

After reading JP’s 3 Bs – Be Available, Be Free, Be Selective, I started to wonder how it would be best to remember the specific verb, and so I’m suggesting the following with an extension (as inspired by JP’s work):


Selective – according to JP, master a handful of useful tools that simplify classroom procedures and make learning in a BYOD environment collaborative and authentic, such as Google Drive, Blogger, Padlet, and  Leave out apps that are more flash than substance or complicate simple classroom procedures.

Available – According to JP, whichever tool a teacher decides to use should be available on all student devices, including web browsers.  This means that sometimes web applications like Padlet will be the way to go instead of iOS or Android apps

Free – According to JP, just like we don’t expect students to buy their own textbooks, we shouldn’t expect students to regularly purchase apps for our classes.

Engaged – According to me, the types of tools used should engage students and teachers to work either individually or collaboratively; there should be a level of excitement, motivation, and inspiration to use the chosen tool to produce something purposeful, meaningful, and sustainable for future learning or instruction.

JP – I know we’ve never met, but I thank you for your post to allow me to reflect how I can Be SAFE with BYOD.



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