Let’s make the best of it: Common Core and Writing

Here’s a short and sweet post. Knowing that I didn’t have to implement CCSS at the beginning of the school year, I still went along and did so that I can practice with the standards and plan out my units aligned with at least the broader standards at hand for 11-12 ELA: Reading, Listening & Speaking, Writing, and Language. Specifically, I wanted to make sure that, as an 11th grade English teacher, my students are as best prepared in writing as possible.

Writing argumentation, narration, general essays, and research, in and out of timed settings, is a skill set regardless regardless of career or content area. If you can’t write well, how can you communicate your thoughts, intentions, and findings well? As a professor of mine once said, “Fuzzy writing = fuzzy thinking.” You don’t want people to think that you think fuzzily (is that a word?) based on what you produce in terms of writing, do you?

So I went ahead and designed writing rubrics aligned with the 11-12 Writing standard of CCSS that could be applied to the different writing formats within the curriculum.

I’m not saying that they are perfect and the end all be all of writing rubrics aligned with this specific set of standards. I’m saying that it was a good starting point for me to work with this school year, and now that I’ve had time to work with them for nearly a full school year, I’d like to share them out with you.

Use them. Don’t use them. Share them. If you have ideas on how to improve them, let me know.

I do, however, request, that if you do find some use with them, give me some line of credit? Please? Would really appreciate at least that much 🙂

 CCSS 11-12 Writing Rubric – Narrative

CCSS 11-12 Writing Rubric – Essays

CCSS 11-12 Writing Rubric – Argumentation

CCSS 11-12 Writing Rubric – Research Paper


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