When did it become unacceptable to fail?

I know, I know. The pressures of college admissions. Oh, forget that. The pressures of pre-school and Kindergarten admissions. If you don’t apply when child is still in utero, you have forever damned your child. Give me a break. Research shows (is it TIMMS or some other national huge publication like Freakonomics?), that a child’s success can actually be foreseen by the level of the mother’s education.

But still with this notion that everyone should and can go to college (which is a huge other can of worms to deal with), people – students and adults alike – have grown to fear failure. But how is it possible that we can all succeed 100% of the time, every time, the first time we try something new. It’s fantasy. Even if we do end up with a good grade, or a decent presentation (the idea of it’s good enough to pass, but not the best of what we’re capable of) we can always improve for next time.

I’m not saying to cop out and resort to failure each time and use it as an excuse. It means that the first time may not always perfect. We have to practice. We have to reflect on our work and consciously ask ourselves what we can do to do better.

Failure doesn’t necessarily mean the letter F, it just means that there is room for growth. It’s okay to Write Down Your Failures (flip.it/w51Uh), just as long as you attempt to right the wrong for next time.

Can we accept that?



One thought on “When did it become unacceptable to fail?

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