Pass the Blame

I recently read this quite lengthy article (and I mean lengthy because by page 13 on my Flipboard ( I became quite antsy) on how the Baby Boomer generation screwed up the following generation – Gen X vs. Gen Y. Xs and Ys, get your chromosomes straight ( Maybe it was the Depression Era generation that screwed up Gen X to screw up Gen Y? And maybe it was the generation before that?

Regardless of where it started, I stepped back and realized that this is just another prime example of how easy it is to place blame on someone or something else rather than holding out individual selves accountable for our actions that we choose to make and take. Why are we so quick to pass judgement and fault others for our issues when in fact, it’s up to us to reflect and think critically about situations?

If we pass gas and attempt to pass the blame on someone else, the truth will be smellier than the denial.


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