Google Calendar vs. iCal

When a friend recently ask if there is a way to upload US national holidays into her newly established iCal, my immediate response to her was “yes!”

Simultaneously thinking, though, I asked her, why she isn’t using Google Calendar, to which she thought automatically to use iCal because she’s an Apple and Mac person. She also announced that, “I’ve never used a digital calendar before.” Whoa!!! Seriously? Okay.

So 1 – automatic assumption of using a product because of hardware uses and 2 – digital virgin.

Rather than focusing on the notion of where she’s been in the tech world, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to mentor her because she took the first step of entering the digital age!!! She wants to be here, so let’s help her!!!

While I have both versions set up and have them synced, I primarily use Google Calendar – it’s open all the time as one of my tabs. I find it easier to use (the go-to use of any product), and I can share it with anyone, which is the number one reason I use it. Both calendars offer color-coding for multiple calendars, invitations, and different vantage options.

I’m a Mac, yet I vote for Google Calendar. You?


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