How to: Copy & Share GoogleForms

This video shows that while you can copy and share forms, any scripts that were installed on the original form will no longer follow the copied form/spreadsheet with the new Drive interface.


How to: FormEmailer

This is a 2-in-1 video about how to create a GoogleForm and how to install and use FormEmailer. A great way to pose open-ended questions to to respond to students quickly and easily.

How to: Flubaroo

I created a follow-up video to my department PD presentation on using Flubaroo so that the teachers can be easily reminded of the steps.

This is a 2-in-1 12 min. video. The first 6 minutes review the new interface of GoogleDrive (specifically Form), and the remaining 6 minutes review how to set up and use the script Flubaroo. Obviously I didn’t get into the idea of installing the script and copying the form (if reusing more than once) and the concept of the script following the copy. And I didn’t review, tinyurl, or other URL shortening tips. This is really surface level basics.

Physical Progress

I cannot remember that last time I entered a gym, a physical fitness location with machines, and weights, and contraptions that God only knows what they do to enhance one’s health and well-being. Now, this is not to say that I have not had my wonderful, yet short-lived, spurts of yoga and pilates during the past few years. This is to say that using a machine to help me physically feel better hasn’t happened in a really long time.

Today the spell was broken. And I multi-tasked while I doing it. I dropped my car off for a recall service, then I trotted (because for now, running and jogging require slightly more endurance than I am currently able to dedicate) over to my newly-joined fitness establishment where I fully embraced a great cardio session mixed in with some stretching and arm weights.

I had forgotten how relieving and freeing it is to focus on absolutely nothing. I didn’t fret about how I looked. I didn’t fret about the disastrous destruction of our property as a result of our neighbors’ construction project. I didn’t think about work. Or family issues. Not only was I doing my body good, I was also relieving my mind and soul of stresses.

Car fixed. Body and mind invigorated. Warm sun. Blue skies.

Now if only I can figure out how to do this more than once a week, and how to get rid of this In-n-Out burger craving that I have.

Late in the Game

When I initially thought about creating a blog for myself – not on behalf of my family, not on behalf of my students, and not on behalf of a committee or organization – but purely for me, I kept thinking that I would at least be writing for others about myself. Recently, however, and I don’t know why I’m so late in the game to not have realized this sooner, I had an epiphany, while driving my car no less, that I should not write for others but for myself. And myself only. And if others want to read about my thoughts, then they can. But this is more like my diary, made for the public. That sounds a bit counter-intuitive when I write it out like that, but this is me. I do not expect everyone to agree with me. In fact, I am sure that some of my ideas may in fact upset some. While I will do my best to remain mature and thoughtful in what I write, I must remember that this is for me, and no one else.

I think that in the beginning you will see many posts, daily if not multiple per day. And then once I have gotten most everything off of my chest and released the burden of holding on to things, the number of posts will most likely dwindle.

But this is my embarkation for progress. I want to embark on my blogging journey for progress in myself (as someone who appreciates fine foods, who enjoys wine making, who avidly reads as much as a wife and mom is able to), progress in my teaching (to enhance my instruction to better motivate, engage, and autonomize (yes, that is a real word) my students while decreasing cognitive load, efficiently integrating tech, and effectively increasing learning outcomes), and progress in my professional development (through my PLN).

Yes, that’s right. Perhaps it was my desire to create a PLN that drove me to create this embarkment (yes, that is another real word). But like I wrote before, this is for me.

I do encourage you to join me in this journey, but I will be just fine if you opt out.